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2006.11.04 1:59 p.m.

Oh my god. I seriously can't handle going into Things Japanese. It makes me so homesick for my mother. But I think I'll be in there a lot before home-going, as there are quite a few Very Tasteful things I think my family members might like.
Also, FYI family, I think I'm going to do a Japanese-designed theme for all my gifts and decorating (even the tree if Mum and E will let me), so anyone who wants to join in is more than welcome..

Had a meeting at work yesterday about hosting and policies and other riveting business and then worked until about two-thirty. Which is very late. So I cabbed home. Whatever, it's too cold and late to wait around for transit.
Coat-check was profitable and Jeremy wasn't around to bother me - not that he does while I'm working coat-check, but still. Lots of nice people and I got hit on a lot by a much-older man. I'd say over fourty (I refuse to spell fourty properly, it just doesn't make sense to me), but he did talk about how much he also loves Christmas... tempting.

I did spend a good two hours while it was dead planning for Christmas. Luckily I bought a Christmas notebook, so I can transfer all of my scattered lists into one book.
And I also spent a lot of time flirting with my crush, who comes to visit me the most while I'm stuck in that box. The coat-check is very out of the way, I wish it was more in the restaurant so that more people would come and pay attention to me. Luckily, K kept coming by and checking up on my Christmas progress and bringing me news of babes in his section. At one point I asked him how he was and he said "ravishing", I said "I don't think you can use that work to describe yourself". I mean, I guess he can, but you know...
We're opening together today (at three, which is a very late open, and a very good time to open, if you ask me.) and he said maybe he'd bring me candy.
Well, I'm sure not falling out of love here very quickly.
But it is definitely the best crush I've had in awhile because of the simplicity of it.

I'm trying to have a crush on the other one - the previously faceless one - but I'm just not sure I'm feeling it. Even if he does ride BMX bikes onto his face. He might be too good-looking, or something.

I think cause I'm opening I'll get to go home at a reasonable time! Hurrah! Not that I'll be able to go to sleep. My sleep schedule is already fucked in the ass.
But I get to work at skydome tomorrow, which is exciting.

Gillian gave her two weeks notice. That sucks for me giving my two weeks in two weeks. They're going to hate me! I wonder if I'll be able to come back in January. I might like to. But I also don't care.

Hum. I don't know what do about homecoming dates. I do really want to stay and see Sweetthing's CD release. A lot. But I'm not sure that's a good enough reason to stay an extra few days and to pay more money. Because the flights are cheapest around the 28th or 29th, which was when I was originally thinking of leaving. But it might also be beneficial for my agent to have me around for a few more days.. and if Hillary doesn't mind...
Oh bully. I really don't know what to do.

Well, first things first, I have to bathe and re-hydrate.

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