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2007.02.12 1:17 p.m.

I wish I could say that Saturday night was much better than Friday. But it was pretty bad too.
The one incompetent girl called in sick (which we knew she would) and Amy (my decent not-crazy-so-far co-worker) and I were stuck with three new weirdos.
No really. I'm not sure where they found these people. They were crazy. One was the younger brother of a woman who'd worked there for years. He kept calling her in order to contradict what we were saying. Another was a know-it-all who'd worked in the bar industry for way too long and kept going on about... well.. everything.
Amy and I hid in the back tagging hangers for as long as we possibly could just to avoid them.
I put myself in charge of actually hanging every coat and zipping them and wrapping scarves and sweaters and keeping everything in perfect order. And so there were no problems at the end of the night. Well, except people losing their tickets. But that was not my fault.

We were seriously there for eleven and a half hours. I got home after seven AM.

Okay but the very worst part: these two women called working the upstairs coatcheck (which we didn't object to because we didn't know that it was VIP) and made $125 each. For checking 200 coats. What the shit. We checked 1500 and made $30 each.

I do not want to go back to that place. But what choice do I have these days?

Sunday I moped around. By which I mean I played on the computer until I got sick from it. I did work on some sweet MCDA hits though. And some other bits of music.
And I made lentil soup. And it was good. And I think I'm going to eat some more of it very soon here. Very soon.

I went in search of lyrics for all the songs on this mix CD I made for my mother. She likes to sing along. And she likes to have all the lyrics in order to facilitate this. It's remarkable how knowing the lyrics to some songs makes them infinitely better and knowing them with others makes them worse/silly.

I finished watching Love Actually. It was really really good.
I have never seen so many shots of gratuitous Christmas finery. For the first time 2k7 I started feeling very excited for next Christmas. Christmas Christmas Christmas.
Also for love. Though I still don't believe in it.. it looks nice in movies. Emma Thompson is great. Just great. I want her to be my aunt. And that tiny child was outstanding. What a tiny child.. such a serious face. I love how serious he thinks love is. That there could be nothing worse than being hopelessly in love with someone who doesn't even know who you are.

Dying on the streets might be worse. Oh, especially if you were broken-hearted!
Luckily I'm not broken-hearted I guess. My death on the streets won't be as bad as some.

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