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disclaimer: this is the life and times of meredith r. mistletoe. i'm making a slight attempt to disguise my identity and hide things that i write about and pretend i don't feel things i do. but if you read this and i don't know you read it, then you read it at your own risk. and you should let me know you're reading it... especially because a lot of the time things need clarifying or aren't quite true anymore or etc etc etc.

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2007.05.24 7:51 p.m.

Oh Veronica Mars.
This is maybe the one show I need a watching party for.
AlexPB (this will represent Alex from Big Chill as opposed to AlexChees (Alex my longer time friend who I will marry and hyphenate last names with) burst my bubble by telling me it got cancelled. That's effin lame.

After watching two solid hours of gripping Veronica Mars college life, it was a horrifying disappointment to see The Best Years. The Best Years is a show I auditioned for quite awhile ago, and did background on recently. It blew! It blew hard!
I mean, I'll watch almost anything, but this one was really quite terrible. Now Magazine gave it one N. As opposed the five Ns it would have gotten if it were good.
I can't believe that it's a Canadian show by a Canadian writer, with mostly a Canadian cast and yet it's set in Boston. And the lead girl, who's supposed to be from Southie, talks like me.
A severe disappointment. Not that I wouldn't totally be on it if they asked me.
But film acting is about nothing if not selling out.

I really like AlexPB though. And I want to work with her. And she's an actor, so that's handy. She's also funny, in my kind of way, and looks like Amy Poeler. I love befriending people. Especially in the summer. Especially always, who am I kidding.

Miranda is back in town! So I've been hanging out with her instead of writing in my diary.
I like Miranda! And I hadn't seen her since August. But it didn't feel like that long. I'm really quite excited that she's moving back to Toronto (and living with her parents - in my hood!) to do law school. I assume that law school is going to be a breeze so she'll hang out with me all the time. And then she'll be a rich lawyer and then she'll buy me things.
I wish that she weren't going away to Spain for a month. But then she'll be back for good.. so I guess it's alright.
Miranda used a word I didn't know last night. But I didn't let on.

Tuesday we went to Aunties. Nick and co. were there. I like them. I told Martha people she didn't know were talking to me about Superbad, which is her new movie with George Michael from Arrested Development. It does look pretty funny.
Miranda and I spent a lot of time laughing at old jokes. Old jokes are better than new jokes. Then we went to Kensington, where I bought a great little black dress that's short. Very short, almost too-short, but who even cares.

Wednesday I went to visit Dana at the Gladstone, where she works. Miranda came and joined me and we sat there for probably three hours.. possibly more. Dana's co-worker is a professional dancer instructor and she offered to do choreography for MCDA. Awesome. She had some pretty sweet 80s moves.
Dana gave me her bike to ride back. She secretly hates her sweet new bike, and is trying to sell it. It really is uncomfortable to ride, and terrible for biking up hills. It is sweet only for cruising and riding on sidewalks. I still like it though.
Miranda and I went and sat at Big Chill for another couple of hours, eating ice cream and bothering AlexPB and the new guy whose name I keep forgetting.

I'm being completely unproductive. I have writers' block. Or laziness. One or the other.

After I lay around for a few hours reading last night I met up with Miranda and her beau, Dustin. We went for drinks at Midtown. My ex-house-mate, now neighbour, Lindsay walked by and I yelled at her. So she came in and hung out with us. She's a kindergarten teacher so this lead to us all discussing the funniest things we did as kids, or things kids we know did.
Niki came by after work and then it was a regular party.
I let Lindsay try Dana's bike and she came very, very close to riding into a parked van. Very funny. Very irresponsible for a kindergarten teacher. I hope she's hung-over today. Because that would be funny for her kids.

I really wish I had more banana muffins.

I really like that at skydome we get many days off in a row sometimes. I really get into doing nothing at all.
You might wonder how I can have so many jobs and yet do nothing for days on end. It requires mad skills and extreme cunning.

I did finally finish Luna. Still no good. No sir. But then I read Shrimp, by Rachel Cohn, and that renewed my love of teen fiction. Now I'm working on a book of Daniel MacIvor's plays and a book of Buckowski's poems. And I'm considering starting a giant adult novel. An award-winning, historical, adult novel. We'll see if I follow through on that one. It had the word 'erotic' on the back, so I'll give it a go.

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