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2007.10.20 4:13 p.m.

I always have a headache.

I love my hair today. If I had curly (or even wavy) hair, my life would be complete. Probably.

Rehearsal today for Teawater Tea, the movie my friend Adam is writing/directing that MorganRT and I are in. We started it out with brunch at Aunties. If all rehearsals started out with brunch then I would so be into acting and stuff.

Adam stayed around after MRT left and we hung out and chatted and talked about ladies who were both funny and sexy. One of my favourite subjects. I think this film is going to be interesting. And also really really hard. Which is nice.

We did end up getting everything done for our dance night, SarahJane and I. And it looked good. But then no one came. These nights take a long time to get off the ground, which is rather annoying. But a lot of people that I know came and were supportive and it was nice of them to stick around even though it wasn't the biggest party ever. It's nice to have the dancefloor to yourself though. Me and Sophia especially were dancing like crazy people. Incorporating props and everything. Yeah.

One of my supervisors from work came. But not the one I have the crush on. Well, I guess I have a slight crush on this one too (who don't I have a crush on? no. really.) I thought it was nice of him to come, and brave to come even though he didn't have anyone to drag with him. Braver than I would be, I think. I wish I liked him more. Or wasn't committed to this other crush. Oh, yeah... I'm also supposed to be off the babe-train.
A couple of my relationships have started with people coming to things that I've invited them to. On their own. JM came to that shaker I had out in the country all on his own. And Nick came to a show I was going to all on his own. He told me later that Owen and Tyler had been supposed to come but had weinered out and he had came very close to not going as well. I'm glad he did.
Actually, I saw him and Tyler this morning at Aunties. I'm always happy to see them. Though (maybe on account of them being actors, which is weird since I consider myself to be more honest than most people) I'm not sure whether they actually like me or whether they are just being polite.

The crushing supervisor (that's a good expression) is going to be referred to here as Third. Because of how he is the Third babe with that name. He made like he was going to come to my dance night but then he didn't. Even though he is in love with me and spends a lot of time at my stand visiting me, even when he's not working with me at all. I'm mystified. He's probably just not as brave as the other supervisor is.
I've started using people's names in order to remember them and I'm also trying to relate to people better and be involved and polite. This comes off as flirting. So hard.

I had an actual LOL conversation with SC on MSN last night that involved him talking about how he'd rather babes wanted to bone than not bone, even if he wasn't interested in boning them. He is doing very little to convince me that he has feelings. At all.

Nathan and I had an awesome/hilarious/awkward phone conversation last night. We obviously want to hang out but it's weird because we don't really hang out on our own.. but we also don't have common friends. I don't know why it was so awkward but we pointed that out and it made it awesome.
We should hang out. Nathan is one of my favourites.

Work tonight. Then who knows... I need a second job. Though it's been nice to have time to do creative stuffs when I feel like it.
I hope I get lots of new crushes tonight and yet still manage to stay off the babe-train.

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