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2006.04.27 1:04 p.m.

swiss cheese for breakfast.

Been busy again.
Well, mostly just wasting time on the internet really.
The internet just kind of sucks me in.. it's hard to resurface.

Skydome is such a perfect job. I am so going to get fired from it. It's too good.

I'm enjoying my schedule these days. Having a few days off here-and-there and staying up late and sleeping in.

Today is the last shift of the month so I officially picked up all of them except two. One I didn't feel like going to and yesterday I specifically needed off.
Good work!

I did get to see Miranda on Monday. We did our favourite things. Shopping and eating.
I bought some new big brown sunglasses and we both bought shoes in Chinatown. I got golden-silk round-toed wedge-heeled shoes with gold beading and embroidery all over them. They are intense. And also beautiful.
Miranda got Indian-style flats. Leather, round-toed, with intricate multi-colour (mostly browns, reds, oranges) beading allll over. I wish I had a pair of those two.

We stopped and had felafel at the place across from the roof kids' house. We sat and looked up at their windows. I made Alex come and wave to me. I'm a creep.

I worked Tuesday night and made a solid hundred dollars and I was glad. Oh money!
And I got to work by myself for the first time this season, so that was a treat. I didn't even get run off my feet too badly.

If the Jays keep winning I'll be glad. More and more money for me.

After work Ali and I went and stuffed our faces with Cinnebon. The Cinnebon guy gave us extra little Cinnebons and we ate them all so quickly. Then we felt ill.

Yesterday I had brunch with Carla. That was cool. First time just Carla and I have hung out I think. She's so bizarre! And neat. We went to Aunties. David was in a good mood and discussed his love life with us. Cause he's in love. Awww.
I had my camera with me and so I took a few shots of Carla, we're hoping to get something she can use for a headshot because she still hasn't gotten around to getting hers done. Or getting an agent or any of that business.
I hope she does. She's honestly ridiculously good-looking. In a specific to film kind of a way too.

Pictures pictures pictures! I want to take more and more and more. I think I need to buy a scanner so that I can put them all up here.
Some that me and Ali took of each other at Aunties turned out real nice. We're going to do my pictures there after I get around to getting my hair done. There's neat colours and lighting there. And it seems fitting, no?

Last night I saw Miranda again! She came with me to the screening of the film that I did with the Humber kids. It was pretty fun. They showed the seven films they'd made and the one I'm in was the best. We decided. And I looked perfectly ridiculous.
Then we ate tonnes of the cakes and treats and packed sodas in our bags for later.
Afterwards we went to see Thank You For Smoking. It was good, though not as good as I'd expected. The kid was the best part I think. I liked him.

Any time I go to the cinema I just want to go again and again.

I'm working tonight but first I have to go pick up pictures (always exciting) and go pick up cheques from the extra work. Money money.
It's down by the distillery district so maybe I'll wander around a bit.

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