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2007.03.16 2:25 p.m.

I think I like possibilities maybe even better than the real thing.

I couldn't write all weekend. It was just one of those times where nothing was working properly and the world felt hopeless (which is a lot of the time these days). And I couldn't write all week because I'm lazy. And was busy-ish.

Who's been searching my name and "boyfriend"? Probably someone who loves me. That still doesn't narrow it down. The internet is so great for stalking. You should search for "boyfriends" since I have sooo many.

I worked background this week on a show that I had auditioned for the lead. What a soul-killer. To make matters worse, a girl that I worked with at skydome stars in it. And we were at the audition together. I avoided her.
Luckily my old friend Rebeka was there. I met her quite awhile ago onset and we kept tabs on each other via facebook. She was the one I originally started writing Major Babes with. She's pretty funny. And she has such wonderful expressions like "grilling me down".

I also re-met this girl named Tara. It turned out we worked together in summer but we were wearing period costumes so we didn't recognize each other at first. But she recognized me from Andrew's facebook. Turns out we both knew him, they actually went to highschool together. Thank you facebook. Tara's pretty cool. And very good-looking. Like I need more good looking friends.
We had lunch the next day because we both had auditions for the same commercial.
A KFC commercial. Ugh. I don't even know what I would've done if I'd gotten it. I hate KFC. So much.
Tara says she's good at the business side of theatre and arts and things. I need a businessy person in my life. To get shit done.
Andrew's jealous that we're friends.

At their old highschool recently a girl got drugged and gang-raped and they recorded it on their video-phones. She found out what had happened by seeing the video. A teacher also caught it when they were passing it around it class.
I don't want to even think about it.
But where are these kids coming from? I mean, the premeditation involved.. The maliciousness.
It's hard to believe.


I've been having people over. Going out costs money. I hate money. Niki and Dana both were over this week. Why the hell does MCDA suck so hard?
I went and hung out with David and Paul yesterday and saw the rest of Tamara's new house. Nice nice. Aww David and Paul. I do adore them.
I like how I make David talk about alllll my boy problems all day long. He's so good at advice.
I want to buy a house.

Been to the office twice already this week. I'm still sore from yesterday even (that means I must have actually moved in some way). I'm going today too, to hit up aquafit. I have my bathing suit on already. I like wearing my suit all day, it reminds me of summertime when I was young.
Martha might become my new gym friend. I'd be glad for that. I definitely need gym friends on account of I can't seem to get around to going on my own. And I like Martha, I'd like to say that she's very cute.. but that's not enough. It's more than just cute.
Nick and I might have lunch next week as well. We haven't hung out properly in years. And I miss his sense of humour and his way of looking at things. It'd be nice if we could be friends.

Docks tonight and tomorrow night. So no St. Patrick's partying. But I couldn't afford it anyhow.

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