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2007.02.10 4:08 p.m.

I'm not sure what my life is trying to tell me these days.
Most of the time I sort of feel like things will work out like they're supposed to. Is this part of deservism as well? I never thought of that. Probably.

I'm considering going to beg for my job back at beer market. I kind of miss it. Well, I miss the people there at least. And the money was better than anything I'm looking at right now. But what if I go all humble and ask real nice and then they say no? I'd hate that. I hate people.
The thing is that I want something that I can settle into and get comfortable in and not have to worry about. And I could probably commit to beer market for the next few months at least. Maybe not in a full-time capacity.. but. And what they were most worried about was me not sticking around again. Valid concern. And I hate being a pain.
But they also need hosts from what I hear. They only have three of them right now. That is not enough.
And the money I made at coat-check there is now mind-blowing to me.

I worked at the docks doing coat-check again last night. Whoa. WHOA. Holy shit was it ever a bad night. I made less in tips than I paid in cab fare. Much less. Whoa.
This is what I mean by what is life trying to tell me?
There were three of us on (5 last time), we checked twice as many coats and we made half as much money each. Extreme. No one was tipping and everyone was being rude and trying to jump the queue and get in front of each other.
One girl accused my coworker of losing her ticket and then her coat and she and all her friends wouldn't leave the front of the line or let us help other people and security had to intervene and talk them all down. The coworker meanwhile broke down and had a crying fit at the back for about 45 minutes while we rushed to get coats out of there. At the end, the girl found her coat out on the dance floor, turned out her friend had gotten it for her or some other nonsense.
Ugh, people, keep your dammit coatcheck tickets. They are like gold to you. Don't loose them. Do not let your friend hold them, do not drink to the point where you can't recognize your own clothing. Ugh.

This same coworker was the one hanging the coats most of the time and she was just throwing them around, everything was mixed up at the end, things not the right place, people panicking because they thought we'd lost every coat we'd ever touched. It was pretty horrific. And $10 in tips. TEN DOLLARS. TEN FUCKING DOLLARS WHAT THE FUCKING HELL.
I can understand that coat-check is not a priority tipping zone, but your loose change even... anything. Or I really am going to lose your coat.

Also, that same coworker managed to eff up the cashout at the end of the night so that we were there for almost another hour. I got home just after five.
I don't mean to be mean. I'm trying to like her.. she's just frustrating me.

I can't believe I missed both Dana's birthday party and the Parkdale House of Men's (Jamie and Chris's house) party to do that shit. Ugh ugh.

And tonight I get to go back again!!!!!!!!!!!
It's a fucking love-in rave. How great. A bunch of half-naked teenagers high on E groping each other.

The rest of yesterday was lame too. I tried to make Dana some wheat-free cookies for her birthday. They failed really horribly.

Oh, I did get a neat email. It looks like I might have a small non-paying part in a professional music video with pretty cool producers/directors. They remembered me from an audition for a part that I didn't get a few weeks ago.
So at least they like me.
Or they're just desperate!

I had a really fun audition on Thursday. It was for a short film. The script was a treat to read and the casting director was really really nice. I love getting called in by new casting directors. It makes me feel like I'm making progress. Or something. Aaaand the writer/director was kind of a babe. I like babes. Babebabebabe. Actually, I've had little-to-no interest in babes lately. So it's exciting when I do. So the audition was fun. And the director seemed happy.
It's possibly more frustrating to have good auditions. Because then I'm all "I didn't get it??! Why not!?", etc.

I went to see Nick, Tyler and Morgan play on Thursday night. Niki came. It was kind of nice. But too packed. And Nick makes really good faces while hitting high notes. And Morgan looks funny no matter what he's doing.
The boys, LaurenJones and date, and I went to Grossman's afterwards. I not-so-secretly always miss hanging out with Nick and his friends, so going out with them is a treat. I don't miss dating Nick, but I miss knowing him because I think he's great. And dead funny. Especially his interaction with Tyler. It's like he's Tyler's mom, bossing him around and yelling at him and stuff. Actually most of the time his interactions with people are funny. He should be a talkshow host.
So should I.

Oh jesus my stomach just started hurting. Probably in anticipation of tonight.

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