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2005.04.05 9:13 a.m.

hellfire i hate breaking computers.

and i hate losing entries.

i wonder if i'll get kicked out of school. according to attendence policy, i now should.
why am i such a disapointment?
so the one day i'm late for michael's class (by less than 10 minutes) he decides that no one will be let in late.
it should have been like that all along of course, but i like how tommy was let in the other day 45 minutes late, no explanation, and got to film his scene first.

i'm a wounded gazelle. and it's fun.

now i'm at school and i've been here for an hour and my next class isn't until 1.30. i kind of want to punch someone in the face. good thing you're not here.

i really like joanna newsom. i wish i had money for cds.
what was golden went gray
and I'm suddenly shy

tonight i'm going to see black mountain tonight apparantly. i'd never heard of them, so now i am listening to them in and getting excited.
also playing are the crystal skulls and ghost story. i like seeing people i've never heard of.
except it's a shame about having class (in which i have a presentation and quizz) at 8 a.m.
woah, i'm kind of getting excited to see these bands.

nick's good because he's the show friend i've always wanted to have.

i was at steph's house forever last night, with ali, working on our project for musical pioneers.
it's on bob marley. who i know nothing about. except now i do.
we'll just smoke a bunch of ganja and it'll all work out?
i have to do a bunch of work on it still today. and i don't want to.
we didn't work well. steph just got stoned and wasn't much help and we all ate pizza and watched the bachelor instead of working.
it was like highschool all over again.
but it was actually pretty fun.
the bachelor is an asshole. quelle suprise.

i did my stand-up routine for steph, ali, and steph's parents last night. too bad it's not funny yet.
well, parts are cute.

i'm in love with my black hair.
i think i'm going to use only semi-perminent dyes for awhile because at some point i'd like to know what my natural hair colour is.

i still haven't nailed down my 3 minute sensory-endowment utahagen scene for john's class this afternoon. why do i constantly sabotage myself? i have two fun ideas and i can't decide which i'd like to do better.
the first involves me piercing my own eyes. (and drinking)
the second involves me waiting for an audition and spilling hot tea and eating a too-chewy candy and well, something else.
i guess i should have explained the excercise. but i won't.
i should really work on that.

i've updated the character list a bit.

oh no, i just found out bill priddle played in kensington last week and i didn't know about it..oh billpriddle.
i should keep a better eye out.

wow, i'm managing to waste time really well.

yesterday in social dance we did charleston, jive and so on. i think i may have found my calling.

okay, i'm going to attempt to do some work. and fail.

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