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2004.10.22 10:16 a.m.

i wonder if cat power would want to marry me...and then she could sing me to sleep..

i'm really fucking tired. seriously. probably because i can't stop coughing. you know what makes me feel better though? hallowe'en kisses. oh those awful candies are so addicting. that's pretty much all i've been eating. luckily they don't have their nutritional information on them. so i dont' know how bad they are for me!
it seems like i would have gotten enough sleep, but i kept waking up and having really vivid dreams about being late for work and hanging out with geordie and hyde from that 70's show. that's bizarre.

people like it when you cough all over their boosterjuices. little known fact..
i only have to work a short shift today which is good because i feel pretty out of it. obviously in a hot way.

where's the party at tonight?
who's going to fraser's? i am because i love him.

ew, i was in the mall for so long yesterday. i wanted to vomit all over people's heads. all i wanted to do was spend money. terrible, especially since i reallyreally don't have any. but i went a little crazy in claire's and ardene. dammit..costume jewelery will be the death of me. but now i can basically be covered from head to toe in rhinestones..mmm rhinestones. mmm jewelery.

this girl i went to elementary school with came by booster juice. she's the one who's wedding i went to last summer..well, apparantly she's still married and they've bought a house and now she's pregnant. holy fucking god how old are we?
i talked to chala on the phone last night and we were discussing it and it made her so tense it was funny. chala has a fear of commitment even on a tiny scale....but who am i to talk..

i love the clever answers i've gotten to the surveys..although apparantly people are reluctant to fill out surveys about people they don't know..i can't see why..i mean, i don't know them either, and i made the creepy surveys.
hillary's answers were pretty good..i hope hillary and john never meet and they just stalk each other and keep lookouts in their hallways. also, hillary says that people above her were having loud sex last night..i can only hope..

i fell over yesterday. first fall of the season! and boy do i have bruises.. turns out that dancing on icey roads is harder than i'd think..i want to wear skirts just to show off my giant bruises. and my hot ass..obviously.

when's jamereimAAAr getting here?

i wish i were listening to yo la tengo right now..but i don't own any. damnation.

my mum got a job. she's really really unimpressed. she really didn't want one. i don't know why. i want her to finish editing her dammit novel so that i can read it. i probably still won't be allowed to. but yeah, she's working at aids saskatoon..what i'm looking forward is the free condoms she can bring home for me.
anyone want to do it?

i watched a really good movie last night. 'girl on the bridge', it was french and black and white. oooo how artsy! but good. why is the name vanessa paradis familiar to me? she was very very good though. and beautiful.
i really want to make movies.
and tv shows.
and babies.

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