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2006.10.26 3:34 p.m.

Oh it is so Christmas season already.
I'm seeing evidence everywhere. Also, since I'm working every day of my entire life, I can't see getting a chance to celebrate Hallowe'en. So maybe I'll just ignore it.
Except I also like Hallowe'en. Whatever.
I've got Monster Mash on my playlist. That's good enough.

I finished my grey dress. Mostly. It is very, very funny. And cute. It is kind of an empire-waisted jumper that looks smashing over a button-up shirt. I enjoy looking like a British school child. Or something.

Niki came over on Tuesday and we watched Veronica Mars and Gilmore Girls. One actor was on both shows. Lucky.
Veronica Mars is actually really funny. But for realz.

After Niki left I ended up going for drinks with Tamara to Victory. We had apricot beer. Which I enjoy. We got ID'ed. I blame my pretty dress. I got to show my new Ontario health card. It is a much less embarrassing picture than my Sask driver's licence photo (circa 2001). We saw Gwyneth who was out with co-workers and looking flushed and lovely.
Then we went and got treats from TimHortons and hung out at her house talking about very depressing actorly things.
Conclusion: goddamn this business is for idiots.

I left pretty late and went home and decided that it was the perfect time to start work on a grey skirt. I was wrong. I mean, I didn't wreck it too badly or anything, but 3 am is not the ideal sewing time. Especially if it keeps you up very late and then you're tired the next morning.

Which I was.
Erica came up from St. Catherines and we went for brunch to Aunties. For Christmas I would like to own Aunties.
It was really, really good seeing Erica. She's particularly funny and so ridiculously nice. I'm not sure how one manages to be so nice in today's world. She's single for the first time in ever and it seems to be agreeing with her.
David sat with us when the place had cleared out a bit and we all had a nice chat.

Then Erica drove me to work. I wish I had a personal chauffeur.

The restaurant was bought out last night by Wrigley's for a corporate dinner. Two hundred gum dealers. But since they sat wherever they felt like and all came at once it made our job as hosts horrendously boring. We had to take turns standing outside and turning people away. Oh the fun. It also was pointless for training purposes.
The other new host, Aidan, is a bit of a pain. No, I'm sure he's great. I just get riled up when people start talking about how they're thinking about becoming actors. He says he's been modelling since the springtime and now his agency wants him to branch out and do commercials and things. Ugh whatever. Models should stay out of acting and I'll stay out of modelling. And he's not particularly good-looking and he just seems quite young and ignorant.
I'm a good person.
Or actually not at all. Why am I such a bitch.
Gillian was training us last night and she seems quite nice. But very annoyed with the restaurant in general and really wants to quit. Wow, it'd be bad if we all quit at once... Aii.
I have a crush there though. That'll keep me entertained. Until I push it too far. As always. He thinks he's hot though, and is. And he's overly-charming in an "I'll-be-your-server-this-evening" kind of a way. Haha that's not a good way of describing it at all. I mean, he's cocky and stuff.
I haven't met anywhere near everyone there yet. I'm still hoping for more crushes. And it doesn't matter if I end up making things awkward because I'll be quitting soon anyway.

But, on account of it being bought-out, I got off work at ten last night. Which was sweet.

There was a sale on cereal at the grocery store and now I've ingested about six bowls of honey bunches of oats in past twelve hours.
There was also a sale on orange juice. Which is one of my favorite things. Especially when it's not from the frozen can thing and when it is about half pulp. Mmm pulp.

Oh, yeah, Fruits and Passion called to offer me a job. That's good. I mean, I won't take it, but good thing they realized what a hot piece of ass I am.

Coat-checking tonight. Good thing because I am in need of some immediate cash moneys. Why is rent always due? Why is rent always due?

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