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2006.05.10 11:57 a.m.

Already May. Huh.

I thought I would get to work today.. but apparantly he doesn't need more people.
That's alright. I like days off. A whole lot. Especially when they are filled with exciting prospects.

I met up with Naomi yesterday. (as an explanation of why I call her miamo, it's because Jennifer misspelt it like that on msn and I cried with laughter.) We went to the Y and took a tour and got information about member assistance (where they would subsidize your fees if need be. Which we need on account of we are broke).
The guy was really nice and seemed amused by our high level of excitement at things like forms to fill out and at free studio space and especially racketball and squash. And especially hip hop and jazz dance classes and yoga + pilates and sunbathing on the roof. And especially the free flavoured water (that was so bizarre) that they were handing out. And especially that the locker rooms look suspiciously like offices.
He said we were the best tour takers he'd had in some time. Possibly because I kept reminding Naomi about what a dreamboat she was and how we were on the verge of becoming babes.

So today Nay and I are going back to meet with a membership person and hopefully (HOPEFULLY I'M SO EXCITED) sign up.
Then we are going to go every day. All day. Because we having nothing else to do.
The facility is like four stories high. There's a room where we can do our voice and movement work when there's not classes! We're going to play basketball and badminton and volleyball.
Then I am going to put these mad skillz on my resume and become a real actor.

Or I will go a couple of times and then weiner right out (I wish this weren't such a strong possibility. Christ).

We had a good lunch at Fran's afterwards and had matching hair and I thought, 'you know, here I am. Being an actor.'

Honestly, I think there's nothing like a good waltz. What a beat.

Haha I'm already wearing my bathingsuit in anticipation of this afternoon. I'm getting excited

I bought hair dye but I am unsure of whether to put it on or not.
I'd appreciate a weigh-in.
check: []yes or []no

Work last night was busier and I made some (overly-well-needed) money.

The other day the beer spotter I was working with asked what I was doing afterwards and I think I just laughed. In retrospect that was probably a rude thing to do. But it was because I'm positive that he doesn't like me. I think he probably even dislikes me.
People don't know what they want.

We're all wrong.

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