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2005.01.05 12:32 p.m.

i'm going to miss the internet in toronto..i'm glad for many computers at school. and being able to borrow digital cameras from the school.

it shouldn't be so cold for my last real day here. i don't want to leave the house. i want to sleep and hibernate. forevs.
it's warmer there. that's a good reason to go..right...

on the plus side, i found out that viv's still working with us. and for that i am truely grateful. extremely. i can't even imagine what it'd be like without any of my favorite teachers.

i didn't get much done yesterday. well i started things, which made me feel productive and that was good. i know what needs to be done..i wish it weren't all so dependent on me. like i wish there was stuff people could help me with better..but the big part is the sorting and deciding what comes now, what goes, what stays here, etc etc.
it's unfun.

what was fun was going for grilled cheese platters with constantine yesterday. i really enjoy that kid. things are so easy and comfortable between us...feels good. he's ridiculous, called me up and demanded that we go right then, forgetting that he had band we really had to eat and run. and i just laughed at him the whole time. except when he was driving terribly then i made tiny shreiking noises to myself.

yeah. i'm not ready to go. at all.

had family dinner last was very very typically our family. which was good and annoying and tiring and hard to leave. of course. i miss those babies already. whether or not ethan hates me.

niki came over last night to help me pack. except that we just danced around to motown instead. well, you win some and lose some. and we sat and talked. that was pretty nice actually. i'm not sure i'm in any fit state to communicate with anyone these days. aw well..

i slept a bit. sleep is such a waste of time. think of the packing i could have been doing. oh well, no sleep tonight...though i'll probably cave. i'm terrible at not-sleeping. what if i don't see steve before i leave? oh man that would upset me. i'll try and get ahold of her so that she can come tonight.

there's so much to do. it's horrifying. whatevs. oh man, it just occured to me about how my wallet is at my aunt's house. damnation. got a go do something

about all of that.

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