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2007.04.10 12:47 p.m.

I really need to reduce my sugar and sodium intake. I don't even realize the vast amounts of salt I'm ingesting. When I stop and look at it, it's pretty extreme. I wish I were a better eater.

I'm in such a good mood this morning. Which is bizarre considering I'm ill and woke (in pain) at 9 after going to bed at 3. I seem to have a smug grin stuck on my face which I can't seem to shake. I'm actually feeling alright. Dear Advil liquigels, I'm in love with you.

I think it's just the relief of having work. Of making money. Not that other things in my life aren't going well. If I had auditions (and booked jobs) I would be sitting pretty.

This weekend was good.

Baby-sitting was nice. Ana and I made dinner (pasta and a salad), danced around, listened to Rafi, talked about Christmas and Easter, checked on the jello that was setting (a lot), looked at pictures, read about six books and generally had fun. Baby-sitting is possibly the sweetest job. Ana really is sweet and very smart. And her parents are very cool, and totally my tribe. They are funny and smart and our bookshelves are filled with the same things. They are also totally the kind of couple I'd like to be half of at some point.

Sunday Seanjordan and I went for Easter brunch at Cafe Crepe and then went to see Blades of Glory. I never go to the cinema, which maybe makes me more appreciative of it. I love it. Just the size of it all. Also, I'd be happy just watching all the trailers all day. They tell the entire movie anyhow. The movie was really good. Will Ferrell is really funny though. He just is. Jon Heder is just not very good. He was great as Napoleon Dynamite, but that's it. Seanjordan loved it. I don't know what's wrong with me but I seriously want to react opposite of however the other person is. And, on top of that, I want them to then react the same as me.
I'm losing it.

Sunday night I worked at Docks until late. It was crazy crazy busy and so we had all the managers in there with us and all the busboys and it was all ages so we made virtually no money. But it was alright still. I do like a lot of my co-workers there. I think I'm going to try and work in the restaurant there for summertime. In the daytimes.

Ohhhh summer.

I didn't end up going to church on the weekend. Chala and I have been talking about going to church since Christmastime. We've both never really been. And it feels weird to be so ignorant of such a big thing in this world. I would like to attend different religious ceremonies. I wish that I did have faith. But I am so ridiculously agnostic.
The problem that I have with organized religion is the intolerance. I hate that each religion thinks it is the only way and that everyone had better join. Anything that claims to be the be-all makes me nervous. And I hate that they convince their congregations to close their minds to everything else.
Sophia and I went for drinks last night after I was done at skydome and we were talking about it a bit. Her father is a Ukrainian priest, and so she had to spend about six hours a day at church every day this weekend. So it was on her mind too.

I have orientation at the ACC today. There I will be doing the same job as at Skydome, but it will pay (a lot) better and I will have less work to do (apparently). The skydome is broke and the ACC is over-flowing with money (because they have Leafs and Raptors and all the concerts and other things). The catch with ACC is that I will get very few shifts for a very long time because it is unionized and all scheduling is based on seniority and no one ever leaves because it is a very sweet job.

Seriously though. I love skydome. I don't know why. I just do. I like how they play music I can dance to and how I can make fun of customers and as long as I'm smiling I still make good tips and I like how it is so straightforward. I like doing the counts and figuring the money and I like the way the tips pile up. I love tips. Instant gratification is probably my favourite thing. I was so happy to be back last night. I feel like I will totally lose this job just because I like it so much.
Yesterday I worked with Stacy-Ann, who I went to college with, so that was fun. She has a dirty mouth. We were so busy though that it's not like we got to hang out. I like being busy. We were there for seven hours last night (usually it's only five or so) and it still flew by because there was no time to stop and think about it.

I'm wondering what to do with my day. I'm considering paying off some library fines.. and I'm considering lying around.. I'm definitely going to eat some of the clearance Easter candy I bought yesterday. I love after-holiday candy.

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