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2006.12.17 4:20 p.m.

New /private.

I've had the carol of the bells on repeat for about half an hour now. Good thing no one is home.

There's not enough time before Christmas! There's just not enough time. I'm really not sure when I will get things done and our tree isn't even set up yet and all the gifts aren't bought and no one has done any Christmas baking in this household.

One week until my birthday and I'm now refusing to take off my "IT'S MY BIRTHDAY" necklace for probably two weeks. The best part about the necklace is that it really does have the apostrophe in "it's".

I keep losing diaryland-time. I don't mean to.. this weekend has been a bit of party-all-the-time though.

Friday was the burlesque show where I did get to see John in briefs.. which was quite hot. Quite warm yes. No one really got naked too much.. and I was mildly disappointed. John's magic act was the highlight for me - it really was funny. For realz and I was glad for John. I made chrismorin come with me and Niki also came and I was very glad to see her. I'm glad we are in the same city again. I really kind of like the way she mocks everything. Because everything is. Especially things like chrismorin or chrismorin's car. And if anyone needs a good mocking...

Yesterday I worked for far too long (8 hours. Who even works 8 hours?). I had a powerful matcha green tea shaker and I was just wired for the last hour or so.. actually even before then I was pretty much losing it. I think the continuous country music and the annoying customers and the fact that it actually didn't slow down. Ever.
Wow it's my last day off until my birthday. How extreme.

I went to the Sheaf beer-night at Winston's. I drank a lot of beer very quickly on an empty stomach and I got nicely drunk. Niki and I kept holing up in the bathrooms to have girltalk. That was one of the best parts. I like the basement of Winston's a lot, it has so many rooms and nooks and places to hide. John sang karaoke continuously and loudly. I sang with him and Brendanreese for about thirty seconds... at least I hope it was that short because I guarantee it was terrible. Carlan was there. It's about time I saw her. God. No, it was nice though and I chatted her up a bit. Mattfinn and I remembered when we met in the mall more than a decade ago.. Kevinwalby was also there and I really meant to get him to do his male-stripper dance for me. Next time... chrismorin was there and was looking particularly dreamy.. sighhh.

Tonight is the big BoosterJuice Christmas staff party. I'm busy primping for it because I would like to look extra pretty. I'm not sure why. To be the belle of the ball I guess. And because I love a good Christmas party, I do. We're starting drinking at five-thirty. That is a good drinking time. I wonder if we'll even have an appetite for dinner. It's supposed to be a pretty big dinner. And apparently Trevor, one of the owners, has got us some "entertainment". I am hoping very badly for a troupe of male strippers. Or at least Niki doing her impression of kevinwalby doing his male-stripper dance.
I have to go find my sparkly dress and decide what other fancy things I should adorn myself with.

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