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2006.04.10 10:19 a.m.

work work work, work, work, work work work, party

Well, now that I just worked six days straight I now have nine days off in a row. That's a lot.
Except that I'll be in Niagara for a good chunk of that.

Good news! My plant is still alive. And in bloom and smelling up my house. Who knows, maybe I'll be a plant person someday after all (I wouldn't be on it, though).
My hyacinth looks beautiful next to my displays of blue and white dishes. Mmmhmm.
I bought the wrong kind of plant though, Mum says it's supposed to die after it's done blooming. That's dumb.

I bought myself a beautiful black pashmina this week. I'm pretty obsessed with it. But I haven't had anything new in awhile.. so it makes sense.
It's so wide and silky and it has this faint pattern on the ends of it.

Made alright money at work this week (hey, at this point any money is good money).
On the days where I'm not scheduled but I ask Mike to let me work, I get pretty bad locations. But the days where I am scheduled I get pretty sweet spots. It balances out really.

Training new girls is a pain because they can't do anything but you still have to split tips with them. But I'm sure people felt like that about me last year.

I went out Saturday night with the kids from the Ryerson film. That was overly-fun. We went to Mitzi's sister and had drinks -I had a couple of shots of JD mixed with Jag. Gross! And I drank apricot beer, which is actually a favorite of mine.
Then we went to Stone's Place for 'Shake a Tail' to dance. It seems like it would be a lame venue but it was really packed and they played awesome oldies and motown and we really did shake a tail. No lies. Me and that girl, Sofia, especially, we shook it.
Aw I have such crushes on Jamie and Chris. How cute. I'm seriously going to miss seeing them. But Chris said we should hang out sometime and Jamie says he's going to be my neighbour soon (and lend me all his movies - 'cause that's what film students are good for).
And there's still the premiere. Haha, I'm actually pretty excited to see that. Imagine me on a big screen.

Pump It by Black Eyed Peas is one of the best dancing songs I've heard in awhile. And they often play it at skydome and I dance.

Ernie (manager) said that I'm one of his best workers, which is saying a lot since there's at least a hundred of us, I'd say.
I am a really good worker. I wonder where that's from.

Last night I was more exhausted than I've been in quite some time.
I was disapointed that Grey's Anatomy was a rerun. I wanted to see her get together with vet mcdreamy.

Today I feel like I should get shit done. And apparantly Figaro is leaving me. I think I'll be quite sad about that. And he's being weirdly well behaved today. What a jerk.

All I really want to do is go shopping. Tips are really misleading, they make me feel like I have way more money than I actually do.

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