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2006.05.07 5:55 p.m.

I can't even admit to the crap I've been eating today.
Except the soymilk. Sensational Soy is not a very good soy. I really am becoming an expert.

I read Nightwork last night. A collection of really unnerving stories. Well written but, yes, unnerving. And occasionally uncomfortable. I'm unsure of it. On the other hand I don't think I've ever finished a book I didn't like.

Then I went to bed early. So delightfully early. All wrapped up and snug with twilight still and a breeze coming in.

I had an audition this morning. Silly thing. An audition on a Sunday morning. I miss one streetcar by about 20 seconds and then I waited around 20 minutes for another one. Which never came. And I flipped out a bit. Then I took a $15 cab ride to the castinghouse.
But I had to on account of if I didn't show up then that casting director wouldn't want me anymore and my agent would hear about it and etc etc. And it was a castingdirector who I've been seeing a lot of. So he's important to me.

It was a fun audition.
The guy working the desk today was listening to The Decemberists and chatted with me a bit (it was really quiet in there for once).
I had to be an older sister braiding my little sister's hair. They sent me (coincidentally) with a really cool little brown-eyed, red-head girl. We had to improv "sister dialogue" and that was that.
I liked this kid a lot. She kept grinning at me. And on the way out she and her mum were ahead of me and she didn't notice me behind them. She was giving an excited play-by-play of the whole (30 second) audition.

Then I waited a good 20 minutes for the streetcar to take me home (I was not a TTC fan today) and got back into bed with my book (Joshua: Then and Now, Mordecai Richler - who I've been meaning to read for years. On account of I like Daniel Richler and also because once right after Mordecai had died, in the hospital, Alvin's dad was trying to talk to Alvin about it and Alvin just turned to me and said "you should name your kid Mordecai. Mordecai Cheesbrough." That killed me. He actually always killed me. Of course. How would I love someone who wasn't the funniest).

Then I napped. And now I'm up and maybe going to try some "writing" or maybe some "scrapbooking" but most likely I'll watch TV.
I wish I had some yarn for knitting.

I miss love. I wish I still believed in it as a possibility. I wonder if I'd make better decisions then. If I'd base everything less on winning-and-losing. If I would take other people into account more often.

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